Tumba.pt – Tumba Web Search

Stand: 21. Outubro 2015

Tumba was a search engine on the Web for the Portuguese community. It had more than a thousand daily users and some Web sites already use in their internal research. Indexed the Web sites of the public administration and found more than 1 million pages.

But what makes their difference from similar tools? Located in www.tumba.pt, its name comes from the initials of the phrase “Have A Motor Alternative Search!” and it was developed by the Computer Systems Laboratory of Large Scale Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon (FCUL). Coordination fell to Mario Gaspar da Silva, who, to the question “Does it make sense a search engine to Portugal or, at least one engine tuned to serve the Portuguese?”, He replies: “The reality is that the Web today is not only one but a web of several ‘webs” with interest, own languages ​​and communities, and “its members mainly accessing pages written by that community elements that language.”

And because “existing communities in society are reflected in the structure of ‘links’ between web-elements of these communities,” uses up “this knowledge to create a search engine that indexes primarily the pages of the Portuguese community” .

A result obviously it goes through a little experiment, conducted last week, putting in Despique the Tomb! with the name Google. Looking the terms “military justice code,” the national motor provides a total of 242 documents with the first connection to the law of the Ministry of National Defense. Google, can be 27,800 documents but the first listed refers to a Brazilian court.

When it refines the search and adds “Portugal” the three words are obtained 4130 results, the first being a Portuguese news about assunto.A comparison – inevitable, because there is a Google.pt – will eventually be won by Tomb ! thanks to the better understanding you have of the Portuguese Web, their texts and future developments thought to the Portuguese Mário Silva ensures the answers by e-mail.